Have you had a termite inspection done in your North Brisbane home recently?

If not, then it might just be time. Experts will tell you that having frequent termite inspections in North Brisbane can save you thousands of dollars in damages and repairs on your beloved home down the track.

Termites move quickly, especially when they are on to a good thing. This means the damage done by an undetected termite infestation over an 18 month period can be irreversible.

We recommend getting a termite inspection in North Brisbane every 12months, especially if:

  • there are other homes in your area that have experienced termite devastation.
  • your structural foundations or other areas of your home are made from wood.
  • you have noticed possible signs of termite activity around your home.

Termite inspections around North Brisbane are particularly important because of the ideal climate for termites and other pests in the Queensland area. The warm humid weather means these critters thrive.

If you are currently building a new home, it is important to consider different means of protection to ensure that termites never become a problem. Some possible options include,

  • Chemical barriers
  • Physical barriers
  • Termite resistant materials
  • Minimum termite risk construction
  • Landscaping considerations


There are some signs you can look out for that can suggest termite activity. Being aware of these signs means you can help protect your home from these destructive creatures.

  • look out for discarded wings of the termites around your home, particularly on windowsills.
  • unexplained cracks or bubbling in the paint can also be an indication of termites.
  • Termites use mud tubes to travel like highways from one wood source to another, these are hard to miss.
  • Wood damage, this is the most obvious indication that termites are or have been active in your home. Experts will have tools that easily identify wood damage, even if it is not visible to the eye.

Unfortunately in a lot of cases, once homeowners notice termite activity, it is too late. The serious damage is already done. This is why we can not stress enough the importance of safeguarding your home by organising annual termite inspections.

With over 30 years experience in dealing with these destructive creatures, we have seen some devastating damage done to family homes. Be sure to give us a call to organise your termite inspection in North Brisbane, and ensure the safety of your home.