Bedbugs are a topic no one wants to really think about when they’re away on holidays. However, bedbugs are in fact one of the most common pest related complaints resorts, hotels, B&B’s and motels receive. And if you think that because you’re staying in a 5-star resort with a top-notch cleanliness standard you’re guaranteed to be pest free; you’re mistaken. Which is why we delve into how to leave bedbugs behind after you’ve had your holiday.

Leave bedbugs behind and out of your home after holidays

Bedbugs have always been associated with uncleanliness and dirty mattresses. This is actually not true. As long as a bedbug is introduced into a space and it has human blood to feast on, no matter how clean or sanitary the dwelling is, bedbugs will thrive. That’s why, no matter where you’re staying, it’s always important to conduct thorough checks and take precautions so you don’t bring bedbugs back from holidays with you.

Take a look at our tips below to ensure your home stays bedbug-free after returning from holidays:

Inspect your room when you arrive

As soon as you get access to your room at your hotel, inspect the following areas for signs of bedbugs:

  • bedding (especially near any attached type of headboard)
  • luggage rack
  • bedside tables
  • carpet edging
  • under and around the bed

If you find traces of bedbugs, report it to hotel staff immediately and ask for a new room. Then don’t forget to check that new room as well. You want to leave bedbugs behind as soon as you discover them.

Keep clothing off the floor

When you’re on holidays you might be a little more lax about how you “store” your clothing. When you’re living out of a suitcase it can be easy to leave belongings lying around on the floor. However, if you want to be vigilant about leaving bedbugs behind, make sure you unpack properly, using wardrobe facilities where available.

Check your clothes before re-packing

When the holiday is over and it’s time to pack again, take time to inspect your clothing to avoid bringing bedbugs home via your suitcase. If you want to be extra-safe, have your clothes laundered on a hot cycle with washing powder and sealed in large plastic zip-lock bags before packing. The hot water and detergent will kill any signs of bedbugs and the ziplock will keep clothing safe until you arrive home. Plus, you’ll arrive home with minimal dirty laundry!

Unpack clothes directly into the washing machine

If you don’t have laundering facilities on your holiday, unpack your clothes directly into your washing machine. This means that even if you happen to bring bedbugs home with you, you can minimise the chances of bringing them into your bedroom. Also, be sure to store suitcases in the garage or storage shed rather than in your bedroom or wardrobe.



As with all pest management, prevention is better than treatment, so ensure you stay vigilant to prevent transporting bedbugs into your home. If you’ve recently been away on holidays and suspect bedbugs may have made it home with you, contact David at Progressive Pest Management to arrange a consultation.