There is nothing quite like the great outdoors. Sleeping under the stars, waking up to nature, living amongst the wildlife. But there are certain species of wildlife that we could surely do without. Insects, especially the ones that bite, can ruin an otherwise perfect camp-out. And that’s where our tips as an exterminator in Ipswich can help.

Follow these handy tips from our exterminator North Brisbane

Make the most of your camping trips by:

  • Always carry insect repellent with you. Sprays containing DEET will be more effective in deterring bugs. But it is recommended to avoid spraying directly onto your skin if possible.
  • Try lighting mosquito coils around your campsite area.
  • Natural alternatives include lavender oil, citronella oil and garlic. These have been known to deter bugs if the numbers aren’t too great.
  • Consider investing in screen rooms. This way if the pests get too bad you can hide out in the sanctuary of a protected screen room whilst still enjoying the outdoors.

Just as if you were at home, keeping a clean campsite will help in keeping away the pests. Cleaning dishes straight after you finish cooking/eating, as well as storing food in secure containers with lids are both recommended by exterminator Ipswich as a simple way of deterring pests. Leaving out the garbage is also another sure way to attract unwanted guests.

There are other pests that you need to consider when planning a camping trip and they are the ones you take with you from home. While your camping equipment (e.g. tents, sleeping bags, cooking utensils) lies in storage, these pests can make cosy homes within your belongings. Mice, cockroaches and other insects have been known to travel along on camping trips, unbeknown to the holidayers. Needless to say, it makes for an unpleasant surprise while unpacking.

A quick visit from an exterminator Ipswich can ensure that your belongings remain pest free.

If you’re planning a camping trip soon and feel a little nervous about battling the bugs, be sure to give our exterminator North Brisbane a call to talk through the ways you can come out on top.