In the lead up to Christmas, Australians will be busy getting their home set up to celebrate with friends and family. As an exterminator Brisbane, we know that whilst many will be expecting human visitors, they might not expect visitors of the pest variety to also join the celebrations.

Unfortunately, during the Christmas period, there is often a spike in unwanted pests around the home.

As an exterminator Brisbane, we know this is caused by a variety of factors

Such as the hot weather, abundance of food and drink, as well as the Christmas decorations.

Here are our top tips to ensure your decorations don’t bring in any unwanted pests.

Inspect all Christmas trees, wreaths and other natural decorations

If you’re lucky enough to have a “real” Christmas tree in your home, be sure to check it thoroughly for any insects, and their eggs. We need to remember that your Christmas tree was once a live tree in a forest. A perfect spot for insects to take up residence and bury their eggs. Before bringing it into the house, give it a good once over and lightly shake. Be careful of spiders, moths and mites which might come crawling out. Also be sure to check for webs, cocoons and egg sacs which can be buried in the branches.

Check through your boxed decorations

As an exterminator Brisbane, we know it’s not just the natural stuff that can cause pest problems. Your decorations have likely sat in the same cardboard box all year in the back of your shed or garage. These dark, undisturbed boxes are the perfect hiding place for rodents like mice and rats, as well as spiders, cockroaches and their droppings. And, depending on where you store your decorations, snakes might also like to create a home amongst the tinsel. Be very careful when checking through your boxes, as some pests can be live and poisonous.

Dispose of your tree correctly

Whilst it might be easy to simply dump this year’s Christmas tree on the curb outside your home, discarded trees can attract unwanted pests to your front yard, and eventually into your home. As an exterminator Brisbane, we know pests, such as mice, termites and other pests will love a discarded tree to make a temporary home.

Store your decorations properly

If you’re serious about preventing pests from entering your house as often as Santa does, consider storing decorations in large, airtight, plastic containers. These large storage boxes can be purchased from most discount or hardware stores. What’s more, they make it easy to see what’s inside, rather than risking a bite on the hand from riffling through a spider infested cardboard box!

If you do happen to get some unwanted pests as guests over Christmas, call us at Progressive Pest Management. Our integrated approach to pest control will ensure your family stays safe and your home pest-free. Learn more about our home pest control services here.