While your furry four legged friends may be considered part of the family, (and rightly so) it is worth acknowledging that pets can attract certain pests into your home. The transferal of dog fleas on humans is the most commonly observed but also easily prevented.

Dog fleas on humans, how does it happen?

Fleas and ticks can quickly jump from pet to human during a friendly pat. That’s how easy it can happen.

Once the fleas are indoors, they will soon make themselves at home by laying eggs in your carpets, furniture or bedding. Ridding your home of these pests can become a tricky nightmare. Avoid the relentless irritation of dog fleas on humans by following a few simple prevention techniques to ensure fleas stay well away from both you and your pets.

  • Keep up to date with your prevention treatments recommended by your veterinarian. If you do notice your pet becoming irritated or scratching and licking themselves excessively, it may be time for a top up.
  • Avoid walking your pets in tall grass or other overgrown vegetation where fleas and ticks may be waiting to hitch a ride.
  • Washing your pet’s bedding frequently.
  • Avoid direct contact with stray dogs or cats. It is possible they are infected and the transferral of dog fleas on humans is likely.

Tick poisons and diseases carried by mosquitos can be life threatening to your pets.

Undetected ticks pose not only a threat to dogs and cats but also to humans. They can carry a number of tick-borne diseases, such as Lyme’s disease, Queensland tick typhus and a large variety of others. While they may not be all be as life threatening to humans, they can cause serious debilitating illnesses. Checking your pets regularly for ticks, especially if they have been in bush or shrub areas, is beneficial for both you and your pet.

Salmonella can easily be spread from reptiles, birds, and rodents to their oblivious owners.

These varieties of animals can carry the bacterium of salmonella on their digestive systems while appearing happy, healthy and clean. Domestic cats have also been known to bring home ‘gifts’ to their beloved owners, these gifts are often of the reptile, bird or rodent variety. Remember to always wash your hands after handling or cleaning up after your pets.

Dog fleas on humans do not have to be something that keeps you up at night. If you are suffering from a flea infestation in your home, be sure to give David a call and have him assess the situation and rid you of your itchy irritating dilemma.