The German cockroach is the most commonly found species across Australian homes. This is due to its easy adaptability to its surroundings, rapid reproduction and its ability to find a food source almost anywhere. German cockroaches can range between 12.7mm to 1.58mm and are usually a tan brown in colour.

Where will I find German Cockroaches?

While they aren’t particularly fussy, German cockroaches thrive in warm and moist surroundings, especially in colder climates they will gravitate towards kitchens and bathrooms, close to a food source. While they have their preferences, these critters have been known to feed off almost anything when desperate. Some of the more bizarre menu choices include glue, soap, and toothpaste.  


How will I spot them?

German cockroaches are nocturnal and are most likely spotted when disturbed during their nightly scavenge. Though they have been known to be seen during the day when numbers are particularly high or once pesticides have been applied. It is also believed that their success rate is due to their size. Being smaller than other species of cockroaches they are able to fit through smaller cracks and crevices, widening their range of hiding and nesting places and allowing them to enter houses through the smallest of openings.


Why are German Cockroaches a problem?

While they are not only a disgusting nuisance, it is very important to acknowledge some of the health hazards the German cockroaches present. They pick up the germs of diseases and bacterias on the spines of their legs, then distribute them on food preparation surfaces and utensils. The worst of these bacteria include Salmonella, E.coli and typhus. The faecal excrement has also been known to include a number of allergens and in high doses is believed to be an asthma trigger, in children especially.  


How can I stop them?

Being proactive about preventing an infestation is of course integral. Maintaining high levels of hygiene is the most effective prevention. Also sealing possible entrance points can help deter these pests. Though in some cases bringing in a cockroach exterminator is simply the best option.

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