No matter what you do you can’t seem to get rid of cockroaches?

Don’t worry you’re not alone. The battle between man and roach is one that has lasted the ages. Cockroaches are most common pest plaguing Australian homes. That is why a cockroach exterminator’s job is never done! There are a few contributing factors, but most simply it comes down their very basic needs to survive. Cockroaches breed constantly and will eat almost anything.

More often than not the best course of action is to bring in a cockroach exterminator to rid you of these dirty creatures once and for all. Though there are a few things you can do yourself to help reduce the risk of cockroaches becoming a problem in your home.

Follow these tips from your local cockroach exterminator in North Brisbane, Moreton Bay and surrounding areas.

  • Remove food sources. While cockroaches aren’t picky, don’t make it easy for them to find and access a food source. Do not leave food scraps lying around. Wipe benches and rinse dirty dishes as soon as you are finished with them. Make sure that you pay particular attention to cleaning bench tops and behind and underneath appliances. Also storing your food in airtight containers will stop cockroaches from feasting on your pantry items.
  • Remove water sources. Just like any other living thing, cockroaches need water to survive. This means they will gravitate to wet areas in your home. Look out for leaky taps or areas where water may not be draining properly.
  • Remove nesting areas. Cockroaches will seek out dark, warm confined spaces to make their nest. While obviously ridding your home of all areas like this is impossible you can reduce ideal habitats. Seal all cracks and crevices in the bathroom, pantry and kitchen cupboards. Avoiding clutter in storage areas will help reduce the risk of creating a nesting area for all sorts of pest, not just cockroaches.
  • Trapping. Trapping cockroaches is another safe and effective way of reducing numbers. You can purchase sticky tapes that contain an attractant pheromone to encourage the cockroaches onto the sticky area. These will often be used as a follow-up tool after a visit from your cockroach exterminator.

Be patient, a cockroach free home is not going to happen overnight. But by following these cockroach tips, as well as any instructions given to you from your cockroach exterminator, you can help keep your home free from cockroaches.

If you require a cockroach exterminator in the Brisbane area, be sure to give David from Progressive Pest Management a call. With over 30 years of experience in dealing with these pests, he knows all the tricks of the trade.