With the increased wet weather around Brisbane as of late, many of our clients are asking “how to get rid of ants in the house?”

A number of ants on your property doesn’t actually increase when it rains, but the wet weather actually forces them out of their nests and to higher (drier) ground – which is usually into your home.

So how to get rid of ants in the house?

There are a number of solutions which involve looking at lifestyle aspects as well as professional treatments.

Remove all sources of moisture

“Didn’t you just say ants are running away from the wet?”

Like all animals (and humans), ants require water to live. And just like we don’t enjoy getting drenched in rain water but still need 8 glasses of water a day, ants like to stay dry, but also have a strong water source.

Areas like your kitchen sink, laundry and bathroom are prime targets for ants.

When you’re finished with the kitchen, laundry or bathroom, take time to wipe away any water with a dry cloth. Good practice is to do it before you leave your home for work in the morning, and again before bed. 

Keep your food locked up (especially the sweet stuff)

Don’t just keep the treats locked up from the kids, you need to keep your pantry food ant-proof as well.

Ants are attracted to the sugar and dry stores in your pantry. If you have an ant problem, you will often see them making a trail straight for the pantry and into the food.

Pet food is also a prime culprit for attracting ants. Don’t let your pets “graze” – instead keep their food in airtight containers and provide access a few times a day for only a few minutes.

Keep any opened packets in airtight containers and be sure to clean up any spills. Another trick is to wipe down all sauce bottles and spread jars.

Keep things clean

To avoid attracting ants (and other pests like cockroaches), don’t leave dirty dishes sitting in the sink. Wash and dry your dishes immediately (then wipe down the sink).

It’s also important to sweep or vacuum up any crumbs which may have dropped on the floor. It doesn’t take much to attract ants, especially when it’s so wet outside.

Book a professional treatment

Sometimes cleaning up is not enough and no matter what you do, the ants persist.

A professional pest controller like Progressive Pest Management will conduct a systematic treatment in and around your home to sort your ant infestation. We use (safe) chemical treatments which are extremely effective.

Using ant bait encourages ants to feed, and then transfer the bait back to the colony. If baiting is done well, we can destroy an entire colony in just one visit!

We can also use barrier treatments to avoid infestation of some types of ants. These treatments are safe for your pets and family.

If you have had enough of ants in your home, contact Progressive Pest Management to arrange an inspection. We will identify the species of ant invading your home and recommend a suitable treatment to remove the ants (and save your sanity).