Are you one of those people that turn up to a BBQ with your own personal insect repellent handy and citronella coils ready to burn?

As an exterminator Brisbane we’re often asked the question “why some people are more likely to be bitten by mosquitos than others”?

Well, we’ve done some research, so take a look at our list below:

1. Blood type

You may have suspected this, but blood type is a major reason why some mosquitoes bite some people and not others. Female mozzies rely on the protein in blood to produce their eggs, and they love O blood types. In fact, they love them twice as much than Type A, and Type B sit somewhere in the middle.

2. What you’re wearing

Blood type might be obvious, but did you know that mosquitoes are highly visual? Wearing dark colours makes you easier to see by mosquitoes, who rely on vision in the early-afternoon as their first tool for tracking down humans for their blood. So next outdoor event, give wearing white a go!

3. Carbon Dioxide

Mosquitoes are also attracted to the carbon dioxide humans exhale. This means, the more you breathe, the easier they can find you. And bigger people tend to breathe more. The trick? Just stop breathing (only joking). Unfortunately, there’s not much that can be done here.

4. Baby on board

As if pregnant women don’t have enough to worry about, but having a plus-one can increase your chances of being bitten by a mosquito by up to 50%. This can be attributed to factors such as pregnant women exhaling more carbon dioxide and the fact that pregnant bellies run slightly warmer.

5. Beer

Studies have shown that if you’ve just consumed a beer, you’re twice as likely to be bitten by a mosquito than if you drink water. There’s still a lot of ambiguity here, but signs are pointing to alcohol, in general, affecting your attractiveness to mozzies.

What can you do to stop being bitten by mosquitoes?

Check out our previous article and then call in an expert exterminator Brisbane. At Progressive Pest Management, we use only the safest and most effective treatments to reduce mosquitoes around your home or workplace. Contact David today to learn more.