As the weather cools outside, pests just like humans will seek warmth and a reliable food source indoors. With winter comes an increased threat of pest infestations. As specialists in pest control Moreton Bay, we’re often asked what our top pest control tips for winter are.

Pest control tips: remove the food source

The most relevant of our pest control tips that apply to all pest is removing the food source. If there is nothing to eat, the pests aren’t likely to stick around. Most effective ways of reducing food sources include:

  • Ensuring your pantry items are properly sealed while stored.
  • Getting rid of leftover food straight away.
  • Emptying and cleaning bins regularly. You may even want to consider getting a lock for your outdoor bins.


Pest control tip: tidy storage areas

Another of our pest control tips to consider is your storage areas. Tidy the clutter. If there are things you need to store, consider using plastic or metal storage boxes to discourage rodents and cockroaches from making themselves a lovely home within your belongings.

An infestation of rats or mice is not only an inconvenience, but it must also be noted that rodents carry with them diseases, in particular, the ‘hantavirus’ which can in some cases be fatal. If you do come across an area in your home where rats or mice have been nesting, be sure to use a mask when cleaning the area.

Pest control tip: seal the entry and exit points

Spending time with our clients completing pest control Moreton Bay, we often see that homes are not properly sealed, creating an easy access for these pests to come indoors. Entry points usually occur below the foundations of the house, all the way up to the roof. To ensure your house is properly sealed consider the following,

  • Sealing cracks, gaps and holes in walls and foundations.
  • Repairing screening vents and windows.
  • Sealing doors and windows

It also can be noted that having your home properly sealed not only deters pests but also saves energy and prevents water damage.

Using these preventative methods will ensure minimum damage to your home and belongings over the winter period. To learn more pest control tips, or for specialised pest control services, be sure to contact David at Progressive Pest Management.