It is incredibly important for businesses to keep on top of rodent control to ensure they do not end up with an infestation. Not only do rodents create a bad image and reputation for the business but they also spread disease and it is a legal requirement of the business owner to keep rodent infestations under control.

Get rid of rats, mice and other rodents

Another reason to get rid of rats, that must be acknowledged is the physical damage they can cause to your property and equipment. Teeth gnawing through electrical wires or burrowing through walls can have expensive and inconvenient consequences.

What attracts rodents to a business?

Food scraps are the main attraction for mice and rats to a particular area. Once the rodents learn of a reliable food source they will likely stick around and create a nest within this area. They will also be seeking a warm and sheltered spot hidden away from potential threats. As the weather gets cooler the likelihood of the need for rodent control gets more apparent.

Read on to learn effective ways of how to get rid of mice and other vermin.

How to tell if you have a rodent problem.

If you’re wondering ‘how to get rid of mice?’, it means you may have spotted one running across the floor of your foodservice business. Sighting actual rodents is a sure fire way to know you have a rodent problem. There are additional signs to look out for:

  • Mice or rat droppings are a good indication that these furry little visitors are makings themselves at home within your business.
  • You may also notice food packaging has been gnawed at in an attempt to source some tasty treats.
  • Similarly, cardboard and insulation may have been tampered with to create a warm and cosy nest.

How to keep on top of rodent control.

Whilst the most effective treatment for rodent control is bringing in a professional. There are a few prevention tips that can help business owners lower the risk of an infestation.

  • Using a lock on rubbish bins, will ensure rodents are unable to access food scraps.
  • Emptying bins nightly will also lower this risk.
  • Implementing daily cleaning procedures to be followed by all staff members will increase the general hygiene of an area and in turn get rid of rats and the threat they bring to your business.

What to do if you have a rodent problem?

If you want to get rid of rats or other rodents in your business, using a reliable licenced professional in pest control is the most effective solution.

David from Progressive Pest Management has over 30 years’ experience in rodent control, and can implement a number of solutions from baiting to trapping, all whilst ensuring the safety of you, your employees and customers (and maintaining your business’ reputation).


If you’re looking to get rid of rats, mice and other rodents, or stay on top of rodent control in your business, contact David at Progressive Pest Management today to discuss your options.