Keeping your home free from nasty pests is no doubt an important task, but when used incorrectly pesticides can be a serious health threat. Safe pest control is integral however you choose to protect your home from pests. Offering Pest Control Brisbane Northside, have a look at our top tips for safe pest control.

Keep your loved ones free from harm, always choose safe pest control options

Always be wary of DIY techniques, unless you can guarantee complete safety. Even shelf bought sprays and insecticides can cause serious harm if used incorrectly or in high doses. Always read the labels and familiarise yourself with ingredients used in your chemical based sprays.

If you do choose to DIY, pay special attention to use-by dates on products. As you’re dealing with chemicals when particular products expire their active ingredient can become more potent and even toxic to humans and pets.

Always ensure baits are secured in a locked system

The consequences of irresponsible use of baits can prove fatal for small children or pets. Never risk leaving baits where little hands or paws can reach them. If rats or mice have become a problem within your home, consider using traps before baits to avoid a possible accidental poisoning.

Using prevention techniques to avoid a pest invasion from occurring is, of course, the most effective means of safe pest control. Simple ways to do so include,

  • removing all food scraps
  • maintaining a high level of hygiene within the home
  • keeping pantry items stored securely
  • sealing all cracks or gaps around the house
  • getting rid of clutter, both with storage areas and around the yard.

If you decide to bring in a professional, and we recommend this as the safest option, ensure you choose a company that practices Integrated Pest Management or IPM. This technique is a contemporary approach to pest control, developed to ensure minimum harm the environment and those living within it.

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At Progressive Pest Management, we are passionate about safe Pest Control Ipswich. Put your family first and give David a call today to find out how to keep your home pest free without damaging your health.