Most often, using professional pest control is the most effective means of controlling a pest infestation. Safe pest control is of utmost importance when dealing with pesticides and other pest control methods.

As professionals in pest control Moreton Bay region and pest control Brisbane Northside, Progressive Pest Management will assist you in the safe and effective removal of those pesky little critters that may be plaguing your homes.

Safe pest control can only be conducted by a professional.

To conduct safe pest control includes ongoing regulating of products and understanding;

  • the toxicity of a product,
  • the impact it may have on the environment, and;
  • the effectiveness it will have on the specific pest being targeted.

Be sure to discuss these points with your licensed professional before commencing any pest control within your home or property.

What about Integrated Pest Management?

Progressive Pest Management is proud to implement integrated pest management when treating clients’ homes & workplaces. Integrated Pest Management consists of procedures implemented to minimise risk to human health and the environment. They allow for effective, safe pest control that still achieves the desired (and often better) results.

Steps to safe pest control

As a safe pest control provider, Progressive Pest Management always ensure we follow the recommended procedures for the products we use. However, there are some common-sense steps we take to ensure our clients stay protected.

As a client, there are some things you can also consider if you do choose to use pesticides:

  • Consider the weather, more specifically wind. Never spray pesticides when the wind is too strong as it could carry the chemicals away from the targeted area, reducing effectiveness and causing potential harm in other areas.
  • Let your neighbours know when you plan to use pest control methods, especially pesticides.
  • Always use the products for their intended purpose, in other words, use the right product for the job. Follow instructions on the labels and wear protective clothing/masks when implementing pest control methods.
  • Protect the environment further than your own home, when spraying keep pesticides away from waterways, plants, and animals.

At Progressive Pest Management, we never recommend that you attempt to use pesticides yourself. Whilst using the odd fly-spray isn’t a high-risk situation (although used incorrectly it can be), when you’re attempting to control large colonies of pests, it’s recommended you leave the chemical use and procedures to the professionals.

Why use a safe pest controller?

A professional pest controller using safe pest control techniques is always more effective in solving your pest problem than trying to DIY. Professionals in pest control are all trained to follow and implement safe procedures, ensuring you, your family, employees, and clients, as well as the environment, stay safe.

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If you require specialised pest control Ipswich be sure to call David from Progressive Pest Management, to find out more about your safest and most effective pest control options.