Protect yourself from Queensland’s most damaging pest

In Queensland, we’re blessed to have a warm climate which is perfect or thriving flora and fauna. Unfortunately, this also includes pests such as termites. There are 300 different termite species in Australia alone. Luckily for us though only some of those species cause our home problems. The bad news is that it’s not always easy to distinguish these problematic termites until it’s too late.

Termite Control Specialists

Progressive Pest Management specialises in effective termite control around Brisbane. We have over 30 years’ experience in identifying and treating termites. We have also saved our clients from thousands of dollars in potential damage to their homes.

Could your home be at risk of termites?

The short answer is yes it could be if the wood has been used to build or decorate any part of your home. Termites (also known as White Ants) feast on sugar molecules which are found in trees and plants. This sugar molecule is still present in wood that is used for the construction of our homes.

This means termites can affect many parts of our homes including:

  • Timber floors
  • Timber decks
  • Timber fences and gates
  • Timber furniture
  • Timber roof beams
  • Timber structural beams
  • Skirting boards
  • Architraves
  • Bathroom and kitchen cabinetry
  • Paper items including cardboard boxes, newspapers, photo albums etc.

Termites can go for long periods of time without food, but almost always need moisture. For this reason, homes that have moist soil, garden irrigation systems, drain pipes on air-conditioning units, leaky taps are most at risk. But it doesn’t end there. Moisture can also gather under bathroom fittings, behind tiles and in wall cavities. Which means termite control is a must.

Keep your home protected with pre-purchase and annual timber pest inspections

Do you live on Australia’s East Coast? Consider having an annual timber pest inspection then. It could save you thousands in damage repairs and potentially save your home.

Progressive Pest Management has over 30 years’ experience in identifying termite problems. From the very early stages through to advanced. We check for any evidence of previous or existing timber pest activity. As well as any damage to the building and immediate surrounds.

Our reports provide a clear summary of any active or past termite infestations. As well as whether there have been any termite treatments performed previously. We also include a termite control plan as well as any present conditions that may attract future termites to your home.

Want to learn more? Then check out Termite Treatments or Termite Inspections for more information.

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