The Australian Reptile park is calling on member of the public to capture Funnel Web spiders to help boost their dwindling supply of anti-venom.

Due to the extreme temperatures across New South Wales, there has been an increase in funnel web activity and has led to two bites in only a few weeks. This has prompted fears by the park that their life saving antivenin is running low.

The Central Coast’s Australian Reptile Park is Australia’s only facility for milking funnel webs and relies on the public to hand in the spiders. Unfortunately, 2016 saw the lowest hand-in rate in the park’s history. They are now calling on members of the public to collect and hand in the spiders; and Progressive Pest Management are here to help.

What to do if you discover a funnel web spider in or around your home

Contact us at Progressive Pest Management to come and collect the funnel web spider for you and we will deliver the spiders directly to the Australian Reptile Park.

Take a look at a recent video posted by the Australian Reptile Park detailing how to safely catch funnel webs:

If you have a funnel web spider for collection, contact Progressive Pest Management immediately.