Spring is the time when everything seems to come back to life. Plants that lay dormant seem to grow at a rapid rate and baby animals appear everywhere. Spring is the ideal time for a variety of species to reproduce and flourish. Unfortunately, this also means breeding time for all the undesirables as well. The moist, warm weather that springtime brings serves as the perfect breeding ground for hungry termites, as well as a visible increase in the activity of mosquitos, spiders and ants.

As professionals, we recommend spring as the ideal time for a pest treatment & inspection in Ipswich

By organising a pest treatment and inspection in Ipswich early in the season you reduce the risk of pest infestations becoming a problem down the track.

Mosquito bites are not only irritating and mildly painful, they can also be incredibly dangerous. Mosquitos can carry a number of serious diseases, resulting in long-term illnesses.

  • Dengue fever
  • Ross River virus
  • Barmah Forest virus

Are all common mosquito-borne diseases found in the Queensland region? Speak to your pest control expert to find out how you can reduce the risks for both you and your family this spring/summer time.

Snake activity will increase dramatically as the weather warms. Those living in the northern regions of Australia, in particular, should be careful to look out for snakes as the days grow warmer come spring. If you do come across a snake, we can not express enough the importance to leave it alone and call a professional to come and remove it as soon as possible. Snakes are only really a threat if they feel threatened, and then the outcome can be fatal.

With each new season will come a rise in the presence of a particular pest. By organising quarterly pest inspections in North Brisbane you can ensure that none of these problems gets out of hand.

Progressive Pest Management has been performing pest inspections North Brisbane for over 30 years. We have vast experience and knowledge of the region and the pesky critters that come part in parcel with living in this beautiful part of the world.

Give us a call this spring to organise you pest inspection.