Making pest control a priority during the winter months can help avoid a pest invasion. Winter pests are not exclusively a problem during winter but statistics show as the weather cools down, pests such as the german cockroach, rodents, ants and termite activity increases in Australian homes. Keeping on top of your pest control Sandgate can help keep your mind at ease. We often advise our clients of pest control Sandgate on a few things they can do at home to help avoid an infestation.

Ensuring your home is kept clean and tidy is a sure way to deter unwanted visitors

  • Wipe down benches and wash up straight after food preparation.
  • Keep spaces uncluttered and tidy so pests have nowhere to hide.
  • Make sure pantry items are properly sealed.
  • Empty bins regularly.

Checking all rooms in the house regularly, especially storage areas

  • Keep storage areas tidy and storage items as visible as possible.
  • Store items in plastic or metal boxes.
  • Open and check through draws and cupboards in every room regularly.

Ensure home is properly sealed to avoid easy entry for pest

  • Repair any holes in screens around windows and doors.
  • Seal gaps, holes and cracks in foundations.
  • Seal under doorways and windows.

Do not neglect outdoor duties during winter

  • Fallen branches and other dead wood can attract termites to your garden.
  • Store firewood at least 6 meters from the house, not only off the ground but also covered.
  • Keep chicken coops and other bird aviaries clean, consider rodent proof dispensers.
  • Pick up and dispose of fallen fruits from fruit trees.

Finally, keeping an eye out for pests, once you spot them it’s likely an invasion is on its way. Do your prep work and keep on top of pest control Sandgate.

If you require pest control Ipswich, contact David from Progressive Pest Management to talk you through all your options for controlling these winter pests.