When it comes to dealing with pests in Australia, it helps to know a little about the different household pests you may be faced with and why they are a problem.

German Cockroaches, the most common pests in Australia

Pests in Australia - German cockroaches. Advice from Progressive Pest Management

Source: Environmental Science – Bayer

This is the most common of the Australian pests. It is found in almost all Aussie homes, most typically in high-density metropolitan areas, where houses are situated close together.

How to spot: While you may likely see these dirty little insects running rampant through your kitchen, another way to determine their presence is by the tiny black faecal matter they tend to leave behind wherever they feed.

Why they’re a problem: As they have very little preference on what they eat, these dirty pests feast on just about anything they can get. Through their scavenging processes, they are known to contaminate food sources by transmitting a number of bacteria, the worst including salmonella, E.coli and typhus.

Rodents –  there are a number of species of pests in Australia

Pests in Australia - rodents. Advice from Progressive Pest Management

While the term rodent can refer to a number of species, when talking about pests in Australia, we are referring specifically to mice and rats. Rodent infestations commonly become more apparent as the weather cools down.

How to spot:  These furry little creatures are infamously stealth in their behaviours, but there are certain things to look out for if you think you may have a rodent problem.

  • Droppings are always a dead giveaway that you may have had an unwelcome visit from a mouse or rat.
  • Also nibbling and gnawing of packaging, most likely foods but also cardboard or insulation, as it is often used by rodents to create nests.

Why they’re a problem: The most obvious reason to eliminate this Australian pest is the diseases they can spread. Though it is also important to acknowledge the damage their claws and teeth can cause to your home and contents.

Ants – another of the most common pests in Australia   

Pests in Australia - ants. How to manage tips from Progressive Pest Management

Source: Bpflive.com

Another of the more common of the pests in Australia. Ants are found all year long, though certain weather conditions can drive them indoors.

How to spot:  Ant infestations are easy to spot as you will see their well organised trails carting food back to the nest. Though seeing the ant themselves is easy finding their source may prove a little trickier.

Why they’re a problem: Once ants get inside a food source it is near impossible to remove them due to their vast numbers and tiny size. This means a large amount of otherwise good food is contaminated and wasted.

Termites – the most costly pest in Australia

Pests in Australia - Termites. How to manage tips from Progressive Pest Management

Source: Black Oak Naturalist

These nasty little pests can be found all year long in Australia, but are more attracted to certain types of timbers more than others.  

How to spot: look for termite damage to your home such as

  • Wall damage – unexplained cracks
  • Floor damage – blistering or sagging
  • Ceiling damage – cracks and cornices
  • Foundation damage – check under house
  • Garden post or decking damage -collapsing
  • Damaged roof tiles – can attract easy access for termites
  • Weakened or hollow sounding wood
  • Frass (termite droppings) – obvious indicator of termites
  • Mud tubes on exterior walls – act as a protection for termites

Why they’re a problem: An infestation of termites that goes undetected can have fatal consequences for the structure of your home, leading to thousand of dollars of damage repair.

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If you are having trouble with any of these commonly found pests in Australia be sure to give David at Progressive Pest Management a call.