Got a pest problem? Looking for someone to help solve it?

Call your trusty exterminator in Ipswich – Progressive Pest Management of course

Here’s a few pointers on how to find a reliable up to date exterminator in North Brisbane and some tips to keep you informed on the ‘hows and whys’ of superior pest management.

  1. So you discover you have a pest problem of some description, next you seek out an exterminator in North Brisbane. The first thing you need to know is that an ‘exterminator’ is an ‘exterminator’ no more. The current term is pest control technician. This is mostly because modern day pest management practices have changed. No longer do pest control companies just spray now ask questions later. A good pest control company will use techniques such as Integrated Pest Management, to ensure the best possible solution with the most minimal impact on the surrounding environment.
  2. You pride yourself on your sanitation, yet still, you find yourself with a pest problem. Don’t beat yourself up. While cleanliness is important in helping to deter unwanted visitors, it may not always be enough. If pests find a reliable food source or a warm and safe place to have their babies, getting them to leave can be tricky.
  3. No matter how careful you are, sometimes pesky little critters will find their way into your home regardless. Pests are very good hitching a ride unbeknown to their carrier. Or if your neighbour next door has a cockroach problem, chances are if you’re living in relatively close proximity, you too will soon have a cockroach problem.
  4. Water creates life. If you have areas with excess water laying around, drippy taps or drains that down empty then you are creating a favourable area for insects to reproduce.
  5. Help us help you. While a good technician (or exterminator north Brisbane) will do their best to rid you of your tormentors, there are things you can do help stop these pests from coming back.
  6. DIY pest control can be dangerous and ineffective. When it comes to ridding your home of pest infestations its best left to the professionals. An experienced pest control technician will be able to determine exactly what pest you’re dealing with and why it’s become an issue. They will also be able to provide the safest solution for you and your loved ones.
  7. Choose a pest control company that guarantees results. A good pest management company will have enough confidence in their ability to remove unwanted pests, that they will be able to guarantee a positive solution. At Progressive Pest Management all our pest treatments come with a 6 to 12 month service warranty, depending on your individual circumstance. If you’re pests come back, so do we…free of charge.
  8. Experience is paramount. Knowing what pests you’re dealing with and how to best remove them is key. This comes with experience. Be sure your exterminator in North Brisbane is experienced yet is still up to date with current pest control techniques.

David at Progressive Pest Management has 30 years of experience and is passionate about finding new and innovative ways of effective pest control.