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Pests in the home are a problem which should not be ignored. These unwanted visitors are not just annoying to find around the house, but can greatly compromise the health and safety of you and your family. What’s more, many pests can cause irreparable (or expensive) damage to your home. Our home pest control North Brisbane services ensure we protect you, your family and your home from dangerous and disease spreading pests.

Integrated Pest Management

Many pest controllers choose to tackle pest problems with a blanket use of chemicals which can be harmful to you, your family and the environment. At Progressive Pest Management we use an integrated approach to pest management.

  • We use targeted pest spraying to only spray actual infestations and never randomly soak the ground.
  • Through our comprehensive understanding of pests, we tackle many pest issues through non-toxic methods.
  • An integrated approach has a much higher success rate than blanket spraying of chemicals and stops the pests coming back once and for all.

Often if you find a few pests around your home, it’s an indication there are many more lurking where you can’t see them. Simply spraying these pests will not always solve the infestation.

We guarantee our work

We’re so passionate about ensuring your home stays pest-free, that we guarantee our work. If the pests come back, so do we, at no additional cost. Speak to us more about our unique guarantee during your consultation.

Protecting the health of you and your family

We offer effective and responsible protection as part of our home pest control North Brisbane. We make sure that your family as well as your home stay safe during all pest management treatments.

Safe for the environment, deadly against pests

We care about protecting and preserving the environment while delivering pest management services in a responsible way. Our goal is to continuously improve our performance to protect the home and surroundings in which we work.

We understand that pest treatments can be potentially hazardous for humans & animals, which is why we proactively tackle environmental challenges head on. We promise to reduce the use of toxic chemicals in our treatment plans and provide practical advice to assist in better management of pests without a total reliance on chemical treatments.

Our unique approach to pest management minimises our impact on humans and wildlife in our operating areas. We’ve already achieved significant reductions in our environmental impact and we’re always looking to get even better.

What pests can Progressive Pest Management treat?

Fortunately, Progressive Pest Management is passionate about finding and getting rid of pests in your home. Our home pest control North Brisbane professionals can deal with all kinds of pests you might find in your home, including:

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