Let Progressive Pest Management resolve your ant problem once and for all 

Whenever you see a single ant, it means there’s usually many more nearby. Because ants are social insects, you’ll rarely find a single ant invading your house. They are usually in their hundreds, if not thousands.

Whilst ants might not necessarily be a health risk, any home owner will know that they can be very annoying, and any business owner (especially those in hospitality) will know it can damage your image. That’s why it’s imperative to know how to eradicate an ant infestation, as well as prevent them from coming back.

Progressive Pest Management has over 30 years experience dealing with ant infestations. We have helped hundreds of Brisbane residents get rid of ants and all manner of pests.

Why do ants invade your home?

Like every other animal, ants are always in search of food, water and probably a good place to stay. If your home can offer any of these things, then you are likely to experience an invasion at one point or another.  The other reason that these pests will want to invade your home is because their queen may have established a good place to settle her colony in your house or around it.

Removing ants from your premises

Admittedly, removing ants from your house can prove to be a tough task, even for a professional. While there are traditional ways of removing ants from your premises, our methods are environmentally and socially responsible, and have been proven to be even more effective. We will not only remove colonies of ants from your home, we will also make your home an unfavorable place for any future ant infestations.

Our team of experts has experience dealing with all types of ants found in the Brisbane area. This makes our team highly efficient at eradicating all manner of ant infestations. We have identified ant repellants which ensure that ants will not invade your home ever again, whilst still caring for the environment and the ecosystem.

How do we prevent future ant infestations?

Over the years, our team has experience with and researched many types of ants that can attack a Brisbane home. With this knowledge and experience, we can easily tell where each of the types of ants are likely to make a nest in your home. When we come to your premises, we will conduct a thorough inspection to find  the weak spots where ants can build a home. By identifying such spots, we are able to help you remove all the ants and prevent future infestations.

We know that ant infestations are caused by many factors. Being ant extermination experts, we can recommend changes that you can make in order to get avoid ants invading your home.

The dangers of ant infestations

At one time or another, your home will likely be infested by ants and when they do, it is advisable that you contact an expert immediately. Time is of the essence, as ants multiply very fast. Some of the problems that ants bring along are:

  • Some species of ants will bite! You may get rashes, welts and some itching. Some ant bites can be very painful, especially to children.
  • Other ants such as Carpenter Ants will destroy your wooden furniture when they burrow in your furniture.
  • Some ants will attack your electronic devices causing electronic wires to short circuit.

Ants are not widely known for causing health problems to humans. However, you should be aware that these insects do scavenge on fresh and decaying food. They are therefore likely to move from the rubbish bin into your jar of honey in search of food. This can easily make it possible for them to transport diseases around your home.