Once a flea infestation has taken hold, it can be nearly impossible to get rid of without the help of a professional that is.  Living with a flea infestation is not recommend and is quite detrimental to your health, your families health and that of your pets.

Flea infestation causes

There are a few contributing factors that make flea infestations so hard to tackle.

  • Their minute size is just one of them. Being so small means they are very hard for the human eye to see. You may not even know they are there. That is until the itch becomes too much to bare!
  • Fleas are professional hitch hikers. They are extremely nimble creatures and can jump large distances onto moving targets.
  • They breed at a rapid rate and only require minimal sustenance for survival. If fleas are left unchecked they can very quickly become an infestation.

Flea infestation and pets

More often than not your beloved pets will be the culprit for bringing these pests into your home. If you notice your pet scratching more often then usual it might be time for a top-up on your flea treatment. Unfortunately once these pests make their home in your carpets and furnishings, treatment isn’t quite as simple. If you notice fleas biting you or members of your family, that’s a good indication your flea infestation has gotten out of control.

The next step is to bring in a professional. Do not try and tackle the problem on your own. DIY and over the counter flea bombs can be dangerous and ineffective. Your local Brisbane pest control experts will help guide you towards the most appropriate channel of flea eradication for your home.

How Progressive Pest Management can help with your Brisbane pest control problem

At Progressive Pest Management we know how to tackle a flea infestation. We specialise in residential and commercial Brisbane pest control. After 30 years in the industry, we’ve seen it all, and better yet we guarantee results. So if your struggling with a flea infestation issue or a pest problem of any sort, be sure to give us a call today.