Say goodbye to maggots & flies with Progressive Pest Management

Maggots and flies don’t just look disgusting; they can pose a serious threat to your health. Common flies can often be found hanging around garbage as they feed on rotting food, faeces, etc. All of these fly food sources are packed with bacteria which can be dangerous to humans, which is why these insects can cause the outbreak of a number of diseases.

You certainly don’t want such a pest in your home or office. In fact, if flies and maggots are found in a restaurant or some other establishment that deals with food, the health inspector may close it down. Wherever you might have problems with fleas and maggots, you need to deal with it properly.

The only way to get rid of them for good is to call professionals who treat maggots and flies. Progressive Pest Management are experienced in treating maggots and flies through integrated pest control methods.

How to know if there’s an infestation?

Flies have been on this planet long before humans. That’s why they are very adjustable creatures that are not easy to get rid of. The good news is that the infestation of flies is quite easy to diagnose. Basically, if there are too many flies flying around your property, you may have an infestation. If after using an anti-fly spray, they come back again, you need our help.

The reason why flies might be coming back is that you haven’t killed their larvae, that is, maggots. Some scientists claim that if there were a nuclear apocalypse to happen, maggots would be the only creatures to survive. When there’s danger, they simply go into hibernation. This means that even if they appear dead, they can come back to life after a couple of hours. Because of this, it seems logical not to try to get rid of them on your own, but to use a professional.

Preventing future infestations

Our team will teach you how to prevent future infestations from happening so you can maintain a maggot and fly-free home yourself. We believe in empowering our clients to keep pests away from their homes. That’s why we will suggest installing screens on your windows and doors that will physically stop flies from getting in.

Our team for maggots and flies will also give you some quick tips on how to keep all pests away from your home. One of the most valuable pieces of advice we can give you is to ensure you dispose of garbage on a regular basis and keep it well away from your home.

Why you need the services of Progressive Pest Management

According to the scientists from Pennsylvania State University, flies are responsible for carrying at least 65 different diseases to humans on all continents. Stopping flies from spreading in your home is important as they can transmit diseases, of which the most common is dysentery. On top of that, flies are extremely annoying, buzzing around at night, keeping you from falling asleep. Some of them even bite!

Progressive Pest Management’s maggots and flies services

Our team has the knowledge and the tools needed to solve your maggot & fly problem easily. Depending on the severity of the infestation, we might recommend using non-chemical measures. However, if the infestation is threatening to ruin the health of you and your family, we may use chemical control, which has fast-acting results.

How to get rid of maggots and flies from your rubbish?

The main source of food for flies and maggots in your home is the garbage bin. Without any food to eat, these insects can’t live too long, so taking care of waste is an effective way of preventing an infestation from occurring. Ensure all garbage is an airtight container (such as a wheely bin or trash can).

Keeping your rubbish bin clean is also essential to maintaining a maggot and fly-free home. Consider using white vinegar, as it’s an even better way to kill maggots than hot water. Speaking of vinegar, it is proven to be a great repellant of flies, same as eucalyptus, mint oil and bay leaves.