Got a pest problem? Considering a DIY approach? Here’s what you need to know before taking your pest control problems in Brisbane North into your own hands.

At Progressive Pest Management, we always recommend bringing in a professional in pest control from Brisbane North or your local area. Experts in pest control North Brisbane or your area will have the knowledge, experience and expertise to properly tackle a pest infestation that is relevant to you. ‘Off the shelf’ products come with their own set of issues and often end up making the situation worse rather than better.

How off the shelf products can make your pest control issues in North Brisbane worse

  • Firstly, many of the products you will find in the supermarket have been designed to kill pests in their adult state but will not get rid of the eggs or larvae. This means you need to continue using them as the next generation of pests plague your home.
  • Many species of pests have also developed immunity to these pesticides. Meaning you are spraying these toxic chemicals in and around your home with little to no effect on the intended purpose.
  • As well as being ineffective, ‘off the shelf’ pest control products can be seriously dangerous when administered incorrectly.

A competent pest control Brisbane North professional will ensure that the techniques used to eradicate pests from your property causes the least amount of harm to your family and the environment around you.

Be proactive with your pest control problems in Brisbane North, Moreton Bay and surrounding suburbs

It also must be noted, that just because you see one cockroach or spider doesn’t necessarily mean you have an infestation. Try preventive methods first to ensure you are not just welcoming these pests into your home. If you do believe you require pest control services in North Brisbane, think twice before you go spraying off the shelf products all over your home. Contact a pest control professional to assess the situation. They will aim to find the source of the problem before applying pesticides and will be able to give you advice on how to best tackle the issue.

If you do decide to occasionally use supermarket sprays or other off the shelf products, read the label and follow the instructions. We cannot stress the importance of this enough. Do not just assume that more is better. Some of these products can be highly toxic and too much can endanger your families health.

Using a pest professional also guarantees results. At Progressive Pest Management we ensure customer satisfaction. “If the pests come back, so do we!”

If you require pest control services in Brisbane North, be sure to contact Progressive Pest Management today. We use the latest techniques and formulations to ensure the safety of your family and cause minimal harm. We are conscious of your surrounding environment and use Integrated Pest Management practices to create the least harm.