Don’t let rats & mice run rings around your home

odents like rats and mice pose a serious threat to both your property and your health. These pests can chew through all kinds of wooden furniture, make holes in walls and even ruin your plumbing. But the worst thing about them is that they carry around diseases. Rats and mice leave behind faeces that may contain bacteria and viruses, harmful to human health.

These creatures are also known to be aggressive. You wouldn’t think that a cute creature you got familiar with through cartoons could be ferocious, but there are numerous cases of mice and rats biting humans.

The worst thing about a rodent infestation is that these animals reproduce an incredible rate. In fact, a female mouse can have up to 10 litters per year, each with more than 10 pups. This means that if you don’t treat the rodent infestation in your house as soon as you notice it, it can grow to incredible proportions.

Pest control for rats and mice

The biggest problem that homeowners face when they try getting rid of mice and rats is that they keep coming back. This is because these creatures are extremely adaptable. On top of that, they multiply at extremely fast rates.

Apart from removing the visible mice and rats, our team will also do their best to locate the hiding places of these creatures. This way, you will know the weak spots in your home and you will be able to prevent future problems, not only with rodents but other pests as well.

Preventing future rodent infestations

Our team will solve your the rodent infestation in your home, but that doesn’t mean it can’t occur again in the future. In fact, if your home is a good source of food for them, you can be certain that rats and mice will try their hardest to get back in. You need to prevent that from happening and our team can assist you.

Progressive Pest Management believes in an integrated approach to pest control. We inspect your property and identify potential rodent nesting areas. These include holes in the walls, old furniture, etc. Once you know the weak spots in your home, you will be able to fix them. We will also check your whole property to see if there are other avenues for rodents to enter. For example, we might find that some of your windows leave room for them or if your roof is missing a tile etc.

Dangers of mice & rat infestations

If you think you’ve seen a little mouse scurry across the corner of the room, it’s time you called a professional. Rodents can cause a number of issues for homes and their inhabitants, including:

  • Spreading a variety of of diseases
  • Contaminating your food with faeces and urine
  • Damaging furniture, books, and even walls
  • Biting through electrical cables
  • Attacking people, including children and pets

These are just some of the problems mice and rats can cause, not to mention that most people are uneasy about sharing their home with a rodent running around the living room. In fact, the fear of mice, musophobia, is a phobia recognised by psychologists. This issue affects a huge number of people. Walt Disney, for example, was afraid of mice, despite his most famous character being Mickey Mouse!

Unlike Disney, we at Progressive Pest Management are not afraid of rats and mice. We have the skills and knowledge needed to take care of them instantly.