Don’t risk your family’s safety – hire a snake catcher Brisbane when it matters

What would do if you found a snake in your bathroom? Well, for most people the first thing would be to scream and scamper for dear life. There is no shame in admitting what you would do when you come across this slithering reptile. But then many of our reactions towards snakes are due to lack of knowledge about them.

While there is a reason to be wary of any snake you come across because it might be venomous, a big number of them are not. Still, you can’t risk handling a snake because a bite by a venomous snake can lead to death. This is why you need our trusted snake catcher Brisbane services whenever you come across a snake in your home.

What are you supposed to do when you spot a snake?

It is good to know some basic facts about snakes and this will help you in dealing with one when you encounter it. For starters, a majority of these slithering reptiles will do their best to avoid confrontations with people. When a snake sees you first, it will stay very still or slide away noiselessly. There are many instances that you might have come across a snake and you didn’t have any idea there was a snake nearby. Remember, snakes are very good at sensing sound and smell and this puts them at an advantage.

A snake will slither away when it sees you because you pose a threat to it. If, however, you see the snake before it has had a chance to evade you, try not to disturb it. Even though most snakes you might encounter in Brisbane are harmless, try and be calm and stay away from one when you see it.

Why is it important to call a snake catcher?

You need not panic when you see a snake in your home. Stay calm and make conscious decisions. Remember that the snake is frightened, just as you are, if not more. Our snake catcher Brisbane will help you get rid of a snake safely. An expert will also help safeguard your home from snakes in the future. Here are some of the reasons why you should use a professional snake catcher next time you come across a snake in your home or business:

  • We know all types of snakes that reside not only in Brisbane but also Australia.
  • We can easily tell a venomous snake from one which is not. This knowledge helps us know the best way to capture a snake.
  • We know the best, safe havens to take a captured snake.
  • Our team always responds in time to capture the snake.
  • We ensure your safety as well as that of the snake at all times.

Practical steps to take when you see a snake

Admittedly, seeing a snake can be a scary experience for most of us. But seeing one requires fast thinking. Some of the steps to take are:

Get away from the snake

Seal off your home to prevent the snake from entering (if the snake is outside)

Call a trusted snake catcher Brisbane immediately

About our snake catching services

We are company based in Brisbane and we have over the years helped many people get rid of snakes from their premises. We have a snake expert who knows the many types of snakes that can invade your home. We continually grow our knowledge on snakes, including the safest and most humane ways to capture them. Whenever we catch a snake at your premises, we take it to the right places where it will be catered for and but also stay away from people. This way, we are able to safeguard the life of the snake while protecting the people of Brisbane from unpleasant encounters with these reptiles.

Using a qualified snake catcher Brisbane

Snakes fascinate many people but only if they are at a safe distance. Killing native snakes are an offence, and any snake should be taken to a safe area for release. By using a trusted snake catcher Brisbane, you can rest assured that the snake will have a long life to live and it will no longer be a danger to anyone.