Are you tired of creepy crawlers invading your Brisbane home? Like most things, being proactive with your pest management in Brisbane is better than being reactive. Avoiding having a pest problem is so much better than having to deal with one. Whether it’s residential or commercial pest management – be proactive! We’ve revealed our pest control secrets but today we give you our top pest management tips!

Research is key to being proactive with your pest management in Brisbane

Do your research regarding what pests can be prevalent in your Brisbane home or commercial premises. Certain areas are1 more prone to some pests than other areas. Try an internet search on your area and local climate. Or you can simply ask locals what the main pests are in your area or contact your local pest management company.

Once you know what to look out for, research what that pest likes. Then make sure you avoid those situations at all costs! For example,   love food scraps! One proactive pest management tip for this would be to ensure you wipe down all benches before bed each night.

Do pests pose a risk to my Brisbane property?

Pests most certainly do pose a risk to both your property and you! But did you know pests can also cause a lot of allergies? Pests are dirty and carry diseases. It’s important to be proactive with your pest management to keep yourself, children, visitors and pets safe.

How to make your Brisbane property inhospitable to pests you don’t want

There are many ways to be proactive with your residential or commercial pest management.

  • Water source: water sources attract pests like you wouldn’t believe. Keep on top of any leaky taps, gutters etc. around your property. Don’t forget those pot plant trays. Don’t let them sit filled with water.
  • Proper food storage: store food in sealed containers.
  • Rubbish removal: take your rubbish out daily and ensure the garbage bag is sealed tightly. Garbage bags should then be taken out to tightly closed bins. Definitely do not leave food scraps in your bin overnight.
  • Seal, seal, seal: ensure every hole, crack and opening is sealed! You’d be very surprised at the tiny holes a pesky mouse can fit through. Repair, replace cracked or broken tiles too.
  • Pets: we love our pets. We don’t love our pests! Don’t leave your pet’s food out overnight or during the day.
  • Clutter: de-clutter your Brisbane home! Clutter attracts pests because it provides endless places to hide.
  • Cleanliness: forms 80% of a successful pest management program. This is particularly important for your commercial pest management. You can quickly have your or café shut down if pests decide to visit. Clean off all kitchen benches. Sweep, mop floors and clean floor waste filters. Clean out your toaster regularly. It’s best to keep on top of your cleaning. It’s much easier to clean than it is to get rid of an ant infestation.

How to make your Brisbane property inhospitable to pests with Progressive Pest Management

Now, pests are cunning little things! Sometimes, no matter how proactive we are, they can still get in. So, if you do find that you have a pest problem then you know who to call! Progressive Pest Management specialises in all aspect of residential and commercial pest control. We cover Brisbane and Ipswich. Contact us today to help you get rid of your pests.