Pests don’t discriminate, unfortunately! They’re not fussy when it comes to which type of property they like best. Today we look at tips for commercial pest management in North Brisbane. A small pest problem can easily cause big issues for your North Brisbane commercial property. So be proactive and stop the problem before it takes hold.

Does my Ipswich commercial property need pest management?

There’s no question about how important pest management is. This is even more so with commercial properties as your business is on the line. Those in the hospitality industry know all too well how a small pest can turn into a big problem! Pest risks for commercial kitchens are a business owner’s worse nightmare. But it’s not just hospitality businesses that are at risk though. Here are just some of the types of businesses commercial pest control should be used for:

  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Restaurants
  • Cafes
  • Offices
  • Shops
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Schools
  • Childcare centres

How will professional pest management help my commercial property?

It’s important for any pest control company to be environmentally and socially responsible. Obviously, this is a huge benefit to customers, even more so when dealing with Schools and Childcare Centres. It’s vital to understand the importance of pest control safety for children. The same goes for our elderly. If your local nursing home has pests, our tip is to always use a professional pest management company.

As we mentioned above, pest control for restaurants is vital! This goes for any commercial property that serves food to customers. By law, you will need to ensure you meet strict health and safety rules and regulations. This will include no pests! A professional pest control company will know exactly what is required for commercial properties. You can then feel confident your business is providing a safe and healthy environment. Your North Brisbane pest management company should also provide you with tips and knowledge. After all, prevention is much better than cure… and cheaper!

Pest control tips for your Ipswich commercial property

It’s always better to prevent pests entering your commercial property, of course. Have a look at our tips for commercial pest management below.

Tips for commercial pest management in North Brisbane for retail and shops with Progressive Pest Management

4 Tips for Commercial Pest Management Ipswich

Commercial Pest Management Tip 1: Hygiene

Keep your pests away by being hygienic. Pests love food left out and exposed rubbish. Dispose of rubbish daily and store in sealed containers. Our other hygiene tip is to always keep your cooking and food prep areas clean! Just like in your home, your commercial property’s kitchen is a pest haven! Keeping this area clean will help keep pests out.

Commercial Pest Management Tip 2: Check your commercial building

Most pests will enter your commercial property through small cracks and holes. Take the time to inspect your building. Have all pipe/plumbing intrusions sealed. Alternatively, a good commercial pest management company can take a look for you.

Commercial Pest Management Tip 3: Drainage

Did you know pests are attracted to water sources? It’s important to ensure your drainage system is working properly. Floor waste filters must be cleaned daily. This will help avoid build-up of organic material (food source) and help keep the pests away.

Commercial Pest Management Tip 4: This is not the time for DIY

Over the counter, products can be ineffective and dangerous. The misuse of pesticides can cause serious harm to both you and others. It’s really important to contact a professional pest management company to help your commercial property.

Commercial Pest Management Tip 5: Storage of cardboard boxes is always a problem

Cardboard storage, or storing products in cardboard boxes, allows cockroaches to easily harbour in storage areas. Boxes should be emptied into sealed plastic containers and cardboard disposed of immediately.

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