Springtime brings life, the sunshine is warming up, the flowers are blooming, there’s a buzz in the air. The world is awakening. With it comes an increase in the activity of all creatures, both big and small. Unfortunately, this includes pests.

Take the time to review your home pest control, Ipswich.

With the warmer weather comes an increase in pest activity. While pests can be found in your home year round, the presence of certain pests will become more apparent as the outdoors warm up. Keep on top of your home pest control in North Brisbane to ensure these pests don’t get on top of you.

Cockroaches, ants and spiders are some of the pests that will awaken with the warmer weather. While it’s likely that they were there year round, you may notice an increase in their presence around your home come spring time. This is because their life cycle speeds up and they may start to venture out from the cracks and crevices that they have been hiding in. If you have been vigilant with your home pest control in North Brisbane over winter you may have minimised your risk of an outbreak come spring. If not, it might be time to call in an expert.

It’s never too late to start implementing good habits when it comes to home pest control, Ipswich.

Don’t give pests a reason to make your home their own.

  • Maintain high levels of hygiene, especially in your food preparation areas.
  • Store food in secure containers.
  • Repair rips and tears in fly screens or cracks in walls where pests will gain easy access.

If you suspect an invasion and feel you are unable to get it under control without professional assistance, make sure you give us a call. Home Pest control Ipswich is our area of expertise. David from Progressive Pest Management has been in the industry for over 30 years and has been helping people with their pest control issues on a daily basis.