Buying a new house can be daunting. While everything may appear to be in order from the outside, how do you really know what you’re signing up for? Your dream home may soon become a nightmare if you don’t do your homework. By organising pre-purchase pest inspections in Brisbane you can rest assured that your new home doesn’t come with any nasty surprises.

Just like pre-purchase building inspections, pre-purchase pest inspections in Brisbane is designed to highlight any potential problems with the property you intend to purchase.

Organising pre-purchase pest inspections in Brisbane is up to the desecration of the buyer, but as professionals, we strongly recommend having one. Once you sign those papers any issues that come with the house become yours and could potentially end up costing you thousands.

While buying a house with any type of pest problem can be a headache, the majority of pests can be dealt with (with the help of a professional) relatively easily. Termites, however, can cause serious and permanent damage. If undetected termites can cause irreversible destruction to your home.

If termites or any other pest damage is detected on the property during your pre-purchase pest inspection in Brisbane is to consider the costs of treating for these pests and repairing the damage when negotiating on the properties sale price. Your pest inspector should provide you with a report that indicates everything you need to know about the pests on the property, including the areas of concern. It should also include recommend solutions and present you with the estimated cost of the whole work if desired.

If done properly your pre-purchase pest inspections in Brisbane should not only bring to light any current problems but also any potential issues that may arise in the future.

Ask your inspector to thoroughly check your property for areas with:

  • Mould and fungi, which can attract pests
  • Cracks in the walls and gaps under doors an even ripped fly screens can be potential entry points for pests

By organising a pre-purchase pest inspection in Brisbane you can ensure that your new home comes pest free.

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