When you buy a new home, you want to know that what you see is what you get. So when it comes to pre-purchase inspections, it’s important to get them done right. Progressive Pest Management is a trusted pest management company with over 30 years of experience investigating, treating and getting results for clients.

We’re experts at pest control and pest management

Progressive Pest Management is licensed and qualified pest inspectors. And because inspections aren’t the only service we offer, we are out in the field treating pests throughout the Ipswich area. This ensures we don’t simply “tick boxes” in a report, but actually, conduct thorough investigations to ensure you’re making the right decision.

We can advise a course of action

Many pre-purchase pest inspections simply advise on the current situation of pests in a property. Our pest inspection Ipswich services include an investigation into the potential of pest problems arising further down the track. We estimate the possibility of pest infections occurring by thoroughly checking your property for areas with mould and fungi, which can attract pests. We can also inspect your home to find out whether there’s a chance for rodents to start nesting.

What’s more, if we detect a pest problem in a property, we can advise a suitable treatment plan to eradicate the problem. With this knowledge in hand, you are better equipped to negotiate a price reduction or decide to walk away from the purchase.

Benefits of pre-purchase inspections

A pre-purchase inspection is the best way to be certain that your future home is not infested with pests. Sometimes, previous owners don’t even know that there are pests in their home, and leaving a pest problem untreated can turn into a disaster.
When you’re buying a property, you want to be certain that you’re getting a good deal. That’s why we advise people to check a potential property for pests, before buying it. The pre-purchase pest inspection is a quick solution to avoid a costly situation down the track.

Can you do the inspection on your own?

We advise all of our clients to use a professional when it comes to pre-purchase inspections. The reason is simple – we have years of experience when it comes to Pest Inspection Ipswich. The fact is, the majority of homeowners simply can’t tell the difference between pest-infested and non-infested areas. Often there are very little traces of a pest infestation during its early stages. At Progressive Pest Management, we have over 30 years’ experience identifying and treating pest problems. And whilst we surely haven’t “seen it all”, we’re pretty close.

What to expect from our Pest Inspection Ipswich

As any Pest Inspection Ipswich professional would tell you, seeking out potential pest problems requires experience and know-how, as well as professional equipment. We thoroughly check all areas of the home that might be infested. Those include the building’s foundation, windows, the roofline, as well as your home’s exterior.

Once our team is done with the inspection, we create a pest report. The report will include everything you need to know about the pests in the home, including the areas of concern. Our team will also recommend solutions and present you with the estimated cost of the whole work if desired.

Sometimes, we might recommend further investigation if there are some inaccessible parts of your home that we feel might be problematic for pests.

Solutions to pest problems

After our Pest Inspection North Brisbane team finishes with their work, it’s time to deal with removing the unwanted pests. We use cutting-edge technology to get rid of pests. Our methods include natural solutions to pest problems, whenever possible. By using environmentally-friendly products, we make sure there’s no threat to you and your family.

Our integrated approach means we can safely and effectively eradicate pest concerns in your new home.

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