At Progressive Pest Management, we spend a lot of time completing pre purchase timber pest inspections for potential new home owners.

We’re sometimes asked if you really need a pre purchase timber pest inspection? Whilst it’s not a legal requirement to complete a pre purchase pest inspection prior to buying a house, it would be risky not to.

The Queensland Building and Construction Commission recommends that:

“You should always have both a pre-purchase building inspection and termite inspection done before you finalise the purchase of a property.

We recommend you make it a condition of your contract that you are satisfied with the outcomes of these inspections.”

If you’re wondering why it’s so important to complete a pre purchase pest inspection before buying your next home, read on:

Protect yourself from buying a lemon

Imagine this; you’ve found the home of your dreams. It’s in the right location, has enough room for the whole family, and actually fits the budget! You’ve had your offer accepted and settlement day finally rolls around.  As you’re moving in your furniture, you notice the timber deck seems a bit shaky – something you didn’t pick up in the excitement of looking at the house during inspections.

You go and take a look under the deck, which is connected to your home, and you find a termite nest taking hold. You call in the experts and are told that the structural integrity of not just your deck, but your home is compromised due to a termite infestation. And it’s going to cost tens of thousands of dollars to fix!

If you were to have had a pre purchase pest inspection, this could have all been avoided. You would have either walked away from the sale, instruct sellers to rectify the problem or have the bargaining power to negotiate a better price.

Who can complete a pre purchase timber pest inspection?

Only a licensed pest controller like Progressive Pest Management can conduct a pre purchase timber pest inspection. What’s more, because of the predictive nature of timber pest inspections, you should always use an experienced termite and pest specialist who can identify potential risk areas before they become infested. This will give you the best chance of protecting your new home before damage can occur.

Our report will provide a solid summary of any active or historical termite infestations or termite treatments and will also detail the conditions which may attract timber pests to your home. With over 30 years experience in identifying and treating termites, Progressive Pest Management prides itself on providing comprehensive reports.

If you’re looking at buying a home in Brisbane, it’s essential that you engage a specialist termite and pest controller like Progressive Pest Management. We will give you peace of mind that you’re making the right decision, on what is most likely one of the biggest purchases of your life.

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