We’ve written previously about why it’s important to do a pre-purchase pest inspection before sealing the deal on a new home. But it’s not enough to simply choose the “$99 special” combined building and pest inspection.

To receive value from a pre-purchase timber pest inspection report, it should be completed by a termite pest control specialist; someone who is in the field day-after-day, treating all manner of pests.

By using a pest control specialist like Progressive Pest Management, your inspection won’t just “tick boxes”; it will draw on years 30+ years of experience you just won’t have if all you’ve completed is a course in a seminar room (or worse, online).

And whilst we surely haven’t seen it all, we’ve seen a lot. Take a look at what makes a good pre-purchase pest inspection report:

Ensure your pre-purchase pest inspection is conducted to Australian Standards

The inspection must be carried out according to AS 4349.3. In keeping with these standards, inspections are a visual-only inspection which involves probing and investigation of what can be accessed.  As such, it’s important that your pre-purchase pest inspection report clarifies exactly what has been investigated, and many unknowns. This inspection includes the use of moisture meter and where necessary thermal imaging machine. This way you can make an informed decision.

It’s easy to follow and understand

Further to the above point, a good pre-purchase timber pest inspection report should be well structured and easy to understand by the layperson. It will have photographs with accompanying information and considerable detail outlining potential risks, or issues which have been found.

It’s conducted by a termite specialist

A pre-purchase timber pest inspection report is only as good as the inspector. As we mentioned earlier, some potential homeowners might be lured into the apparently good deal of a combined building and pest inspection at a special price, but would you have a builder conduct termite treatments, or a pest control specialist build your home?

At Progressive Pest Management, we have over 30 years experience not just inspecting homes, but treating homes for any number of pests. It’s this experience which helps us quickly and effectively identify risk factors to your home.

What’s more, we’re always happy to discuss any issues or questions you have regarding our inspection findings and provide you with costs to rectify any issues we might find, so you’re better equipped to negotiate a better deal, or even walk away.

If you truly want to protect yourself from a potential disaster at the hands of timber pests in your new home, you need to use a pest specialist like Progressive Pest Management. Only then can you rest assured that you’re making the right decision. Connect with us to learn more.