Many Brisbane home owners know that it’s paramount to have a pre purchase timber pest inspection completed before buying a house. But did you know it’s also essential that home owners have their own pest inspection completed prior to sale?

If you’re a homeowner in Brisbane who’s looking at putting their home up for sale, read on. We’ll explain why you should complete a pre-sale pest inspection.

No nasty surprises when it comes to sale time

Picture this, you’re all ready for sale. You’ve signed up with the agent and had the photography done with the signboard out the front. The house has a fresh coat of paint, the gutters are clean, and you’ve even hired a staging company to update the furniture to make the place more “sale-able”. Then one day, you’re rummaging around under the house only to discover one of your (structural) timber beams is looking a bit “worn”.

A quick Google search gets you thinking “this could be termites…but surely not?”

Meanwhile, you’ve got 2 dream buyers ready to make an offer – pending building & pest inspection…

By having completed your own pre-sale pest inspection you could have fixed your pest issue in advance. Signs of termites can be a huge turnoff for many buyers, so it pays to be on top of your pests.

Diminish a buyer’s bargaining power

By completing a pre-sale pest inspection it gives you three options:

1 – you can rectify any issues prior to sale time

2 – you can price the property appropriately to account for a reduction when their timber pest report comes back positive for termites.

3 – your agent can be transparent from the start, informing buyers of the discovery of a pest issue. This is often a much better way of potential sellers finding out, as opposed to being a surprise at their own pre purchase timber pest inspection.

If you’re in the process of setting your home up for sale, don’t forget to book in a pre-sale pest inspection. David from Progressive Pest Management can help. With over 30 years finding and treating pests, David will ensure your home is protected.

All of these options allow you to be prepared for when potential buyers are looking to haggle the price, which saves you money in the long run.