Termites are one of the worst problems homeowners in Australia face. Termites are particularly a problem for those with homes in Queensland. As they love our warm climate which is why we recommend termite inspections, Ipswich.

Termites can cause severe damage to property because of their feeding habits. Their number one source of food is wood and they can destroy your furniture, stored books and paper, but also your house’s foundation. They can even mess up your pool filters!

In fact, the list of problems that termites can cause is huge, so we recommend having a regular termite inspection carried out. Some of the most commonly affected parts of a building are:

  • Wooden furniture
  • Foundation
  • Supporting piers
  • Support posts
  • Wallpapers
  • Wooden floors
  • Wooden window rims
  • Wood under porches
  • Sills
  • Sub floors

Time is of the essence when dealing with termites. The good news is once you know what termites you’re working with, extermination is quite straight forward. What’s more challenging is spotting them in the first place. This can be helped along by having regular termite inspections though. The sooner they are spotted the better.

Do you have termite problems?

Termites are not easy to find. Most homeowners have no idea these insects are destroying their property until it’s too late. Termites eat the inside of the wood first so the outer wall protects them from the environment. This means that in fact, the wooden structures of your home might be hollow and you wouldn’t know it. From the outside, your structure looks normal. Now that’s scary!

The only thing to keep your property safe from these wood-eating creatures is by performing regular termite inspections.

Determining the level of termite infestation

Engage the services of a termite inspection company. We service the Ipswich and surrounding suburbs. We understand how grave termite problems are and will recommend the most effective treatment.

Sometimes termites will live in your home, but don’t have the ability to cause any problems for a couple of years. Also, there are times when termites have caused huge damage in hard to access parts of your home and you are none the wiser.

The sooner you deal with this problem, the better!

How to spot termites in your home?

In most cases, when the homeowner realises their house is infested with termites, it is already too late. The termites have already done their damage. That is why it is of utmost importance to check for subtle signs of termite infestation.

For the untrained eye, these signs might not be visible. That is why it is wise to hire a professional and reliable termite inspection company in Ipswich to do regular checks. Professional termite inspectors, like Progressive Pest Management, will check for the following signs:

  • Presence of piles of mud-like material
  • Wooden parts of furniture having cavities
  • Tiny holes in wooden structures
  • Buckling paint
  • Appearance of flying ants
  • Existence of subterranean mud tunnels
  • Traces of wings of swarmer

These are just some of the signs that termites could be living in your home. However, in many cases, signs of termite presence are non-existent. At least in the first stages of the infestation. For that reason, it is wise to let the professionals check your home thoroughly.

Termite inspections in North Brisbane

Step one is to determine the type of termite your home is harbouring. This is where we recommend a professional termite inspector.

If our team finds that there are termites in your home, they will also check to see how serious the infestation is. According to what we find, we will provide you with solutions to protect your home.

We treat every case as unique. We not only get rid of the termites. Our termite team will make sure the termites stay away from your home in the future. Once we complete our termite inspection we can recommend a maintenance program too to ensure your home stays termite free.

Pre-purchase termite inspection

If you are looking to buy a new property in Brisbane, we urge you to do a pre-purchase termite inspection before you seal the deal. This way you will be sure that the real estate that you’re buying won’t fall apart after you move in!

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